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Video Captioning

Video Captioning is one of the in demand online services our clients need for a myriad of purposes. Hence, our company offers video captioning with first-class quality. Our captions are available to all video mediums such as TV or film programs and other video productions. We have served over 60,000 happy customers across the globe with utmost satisfaction. We also prove our unsurpassed excellence and speed through our unbiased clients’ testimonials.To know more about our customer reviews, check our client page now. We have well-experienced and skilled video captioning specialists on board. We ensure that we only have the best in our team through our rigid selection process.

Video Captioning Services

We are an ISO verified company. Our video captioning services have accuracy . Thus, we continually provide accurate and fault-free video captioning to our diverse clients. Our video captioning services also ensure quality through our ISO certified processes. The industry’s best practices and highly accepted standards are strictly incorporated into our outputs. Not only that, our remarkable team of editors and proofreaders are meticulous at checking all grammars, spellings and language use through our multiple rounds of proofreading.They even monitor and analyze every projects 24/7 to make certain that quality is not compromised at all.

Our video captioning services are also flexible at giving top-rated results. We accurately provide captions for various supported file formats such as M4A , .M4B , .M4V , .RA , .RM , .QT.XML , .QT.TXT , .QT.SMIL , .SMI and more. Along with this, we also caption all sorts of given video materials in over 100+ major foreign and local languages worldwide. Included in our list are Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and many more. We professionally comply our clients’ multilingual needs through our native captionists who are undoubtedly fluent in their respective spoken dialects. Thus, we are capable at accommodating our clients’ language preferences at all times.

Online Video Captioning

Online video captioning is required by a wide range of customers. Media mediums, TV or film sectors and other video productions are some of our loyal and valued clients around the world. As one of the leading online video captioning service provider, we manage to provide our clients with satisfaction guaranteed services. We have special web features that make our customers always happy and fulfilled. All our outputs are speedily delivered on time with no delays. We handle exceptional video captions in the fastest turnaround time available including 24 hours.We also provide 100% safe and confidential online video captioning.

We have security measures that protect our clients’ privacy with extreme care. Uploaded files are fully safeguarded through our 128-SSL-bit security encryption system. With this, we ensure that communication between our servers and browsers are carefully encoded to block unauthorized access and online hackers. Because of this state of the art security software, we manage to deliver password-shielded and spam-free online video captioning. Along with this is our non-disclosure agreement policy. All our workers are bound to sign NDA to keep all delicate personal file highly confidential.


Video Captioning Rates

Our video captioning rates are unmatched in this bussines. We provide accurate and reliable video captioning rates at a very low price of $1/min. Not only that, our video captioning done in other languages is also reasonably charge at $7/min. Our video captioning rates despite our best quality is a lot lower compared to other prevailing market prices. We have the most affordable, reasonable and economical rates in this industry. Our prices are also suitable to any pocket size; hence our video captioning services are just within your means. Communicating with us is guaranteed fast and easy. Not, it is easy to reach us with our 24/7 Customer Support Team. Our sleepless customer support is made up of approachable and prompt customer care specialists who are just behind your back to help you out with your queries.

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